Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorrows are not a part of the graveyard, just solitary and peace….

                     I was in the most peaceful place of the earth, alone. For that question, people have many answers with personal perspectives. But I think the most peaceful place on earth is God’s acre, the cemetery. Not only ‘the hippie’ but many other poets and writers saw the cemetery as a place where peace and solitude reigns.

When we walk on a busy street with hundreds of, thousands of people, we are still alone. We feel the loneliness. We are strangers and we are forsaken among the crowd. But in a graveyard there is always a familiar feeling float around. Nobody is alone even is such solitude.

I remember, kahlil Gibran once said in one of his books that the cemetery is the land of peace where people sleeps in eternal rest. From there, living being’s city appears twined with the mist.

Why are some afraid of death? Hippies aren’t afraid to die. They are not dying. They just fade away to eternity and their memories will live forever among brothers and sisters.

Life is just a resting place in the journey of life and death… Sorrows are not a part of the graveyard, just solitary and peace…. Maybe Love…

A brief candle; both ends burning

An endless mile; a bus wheel turning

A friend to share the lonesome times

A handshake and a sip of wine

So say it loud and let it ring

We are all a part of everything

The future, present and the past

Fly on proud bird

You're free at last.

        Written by Charlie Daniels en route to the funeral for his friend, Ronnie Van Zant of the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd…

Hipster aka Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (25th March, 2010)

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  1. This Post remembered me, my grade 10 mother tongue text book.

    මහා සමුද්දරේ මැණික් වගේ පෙනෙන්නෙ නෑ
    වනේ පිපී මලක් වගේ දැනෙන්නෙ නෑ පිටින්
    එහෙත් එවැන්නවුන් සිටී සොහොන් බිමේ ගමේ
    මෙයින් පෙනේ හොඳින් දැනේ රහස් මෙ ජීවිතේ

    [ සොහොන් බිම - මීමන ප්‍රේමතිලක | කොළඹ කවියේ දෙවන අවධිය)